I need some additional features but that are not mentioned can I make changes to the package?

Definitely our company allows our customers to make changes to the package details adons are also available at additional costs. If you want to include any feature adjustable in your package then your package can be customized with no additional charges.

Which Content Management Systems do you use?

We use different programs and it’s based on the requirements of your webpage. We use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. or you can request it customized too. Just let us know your specifications and we will make it happen.

I have a website that needs upgrade but there is no package can I get this service?

Definitely you can place an order just send your details and will send you the quote and take your information we will upgrade your current website and adittional features can be obtained on request.

Would you configure email accounts for my website as well?

Yes. We can do that for you. We will set up email accounts ending with your domain’s name so you have a professional email accounts for your business.

When will I get the copyrights of my website?

Once the project is completed, we deliver a complete website to you and transfer the copyrights.

Can I manage my website?

If your website is CMS, you can definitely manage, edit and delete your website pages using a user-friendly interface. We also offer free 2 months website maintanance so you don't have to worry our team can teach you as well so in future you would easily can manage your website and make updates by your own.

Do you have experience in my particular industry? Do you have any past clients from my industry?

You can check our portfolio to see if we have worked with a similar company. We are experts in what we do regardless of the industry or fields. We have had clients from the field of technology to healthcare, retail and education etc. If you don’t see a company you recognize, we still think we can do splendid work for you. Pixel Logo Design’s approach towards work is unique and effective. We study each and every one of our client thoroughly before devising a strategy for them keeping in mind their image, goals, industry trends and current position in the market.

Why waste the money on other mediums? Why not just the online marketing, it is the most beneficial one anyways, ain’t it?

Social media revolution is indeed a thing and its happening all around us but it doesn’t change the fact that people do go offline. This is the reason your marketing efforts should be spread across all mediums and not just focused on one area. Think about the giant businesses, are they only marketing through their online channel? No. That’s because marketing across all mediums is essential to reach your target audience. However we get that it’s not always affordable to shoot your brand through all channels right away. Pixel Logo Designs can always work around your budget and devise an effective marketing plan according to your affordability.

I already have a brand and loyal consumers. I just need a little tweaking of my brand? Can you guys do that for me?

Most definitely. Our branding experts excel in rebranding and breathing new life into dead brands. You would need to share your current brand and we will proceed from there.

What am I supposed to do? What would be my role during the entire process?

You can rely on us for completing your work on promised deadlines and we expect the same timeliness from our clients. If a client does not get back to us within 21 days, we reserve the right to cancel the project at client’s expense. We understand that some major thinking and decision making is involved in making branding decisions however you can ask us for more time but in the event of client being non-responsive, we will stop the project after the advised time period has passed.

How do I know that you would not run away with my money and mid-project?

Pixel Logo Designs is not a flight risk, you can check reviews from our happy clients here and you can also follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram to know us better.

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